Potential writers often ask us what it means to write for Anointed Fire Magazine. Below, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand our vision, requirements and regulations.

What are the requirements for writers?

buy tinidazole online uk The basic requirements are:

  1. Writers must be 18 years of age and older.
  2. Writers must be Christian, as this is a Christian publication.
  3. Writers must be willing to commit 12 months to writing for us.
  4. Writers must have a professional photo.

Of course, these are a few standard requirements, but there are some moral standards that we’ll be looking at as well.

I live overseas. Can I still write for Anointed Fire Magazine?

Yes, of course!

I am not an experienced writer. Will that affect my application?

We are careful to separate our preferences from our regulations. With that being said, we prefer experienced writers who have demonstrated a level of commitment to another publication or a blog, however, the overall determining factor (of course) will be who God impresses upon our hearts to serve with.

I read somewhere that you will not have a platform for guest writers anymore. Why is this?

Experience has taught us that people who apply to guest write for magazines, blogs and other publications are oftentimes people who don’t want to commit but want the notoriety. There is a stigma that comes with the word “guest writer” that makes some people feel higher than our committed writers. We value commitment and humility over opportunity. Our goal is to glorify God, not people.

I read that writers are now being required to make a 12 month commitment. Will there be any contractual agreements involved and if so, why?

Yes, all writers will be required to sign an agreement, committing to twelve months of writing. Again, we are looking for committed people.

Are these paid positions?

No. Our writers are not paid, but instead enjoy other benefits, which include but are not limited to: writers’ training and exposure, amongst other things.

How often are writers required to submit articles?

Anointed Fire Magazine is a monthly publication so writers will be required to submit their articles once a month. They must do this one month in advance. For example, the articles for June of 2018 must be submitted by May of 2018. The only writers who are not subject to these rules will be our news reporters.

Are there any more requirements besides submitting an article once a month?

Not for most writers, but some writers will be given blogs that they can update (at will) weekly or bi-weekly.